More than 3,500 customers in 20
countries rely on Jackrabbit everyday.

“Using Jackrabbit has allowed us to take our business to the next level. We can track exactly what is going on in each of our locations. The cost of the service is priceless compared to the value we receive.” 
J.R. & Kelly Zeringue

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“Transitioning to Jackrabbit was the single best decision we’ve made for our business in a long time. It has helped us streamline. It has saved us time and saved us money.”
–Lauren Peetz | Victory Cheerleading

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“We've compared Jackrabbit's Time Clock feature to existing time reporting software and Jackrabbit comes out on top, delivering everything we need without racking up additional fees.” – Kyle Grussmeyer
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Case Studies

   High Fly All Stars
“If moms walk out of my facility smiling, I’m happy. Jackrabbit has been the catalyst to restoring confidence that had been dashed by issues with our previous system. My moms are smiling again!”
—Shane Sharpe | High Fly All-Stars | Full case study

   East Coast Nitros
“I needed something to allow me to manage many elements and lots of data. Jackrabbit has great intuitiveness for what I need to understand about my business and to base my decisions on.”
—Glenn Sutch | East Coast Nitros | Full case study

   All Star Legacy
“Jackrabbit’s portal and online registration allow parents to control their own information because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator.”  
—Kyle Grussmeyer | All Star Legacy | Full case study

   Ace All Stars Gadsden Cheer
“Jackrabbit’s automated payment and online registration features have probably been the biggest game-changers for us. These features totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7. ”
–JR & Kelley Zeringue | ACE All Stars Gadsden | Full case study

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