Step One: Visit our Support Center From within Jackrabbit

This button is available on every page.

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Step Two: Choose a Resource Watch videos, find answers, or email

Our Support Center provides you with many resources to answer your questions, including submitting a Support Ticket to us for a quick response!

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Step Three: Submit a Support Ticket
Make sure to type in the description

Submit a Support Ticket which automatically captures all the information about your business and includes your personalized question.

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Step Four: We’ll respond within 2 - 4 hrs
We are mobile & can respond anywhere

To the left is what we'll see once your Support Ticket is submitted, our Support Team receives your question. We will respond within 2 - 4 business hours max!

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Step Five: We can log into your database
We can see what you’re seeing

We will respond with a detailed explanation, screenshots of your database, and important referencing resources. All of this is in the response you receive!

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Step Six: Still have questions?
We can follow up with you

Still don’t understand something? Let us know! We understand what it is like to operate a business and use a new software. We will follow up with you should you request it.

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Step Seven: Submissions are maintained
All your submissions are logged

You can keep a library of information for future use! If you are ever not satisfied with Jackrabbit Support, we have a Manager's Guarantee! You will have direct contact to a manager who will address your concerns immediately!

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We’re here to help
We have over 10 highly skilled, dedicated support reps who are always available if you have any questions. Most of your questions can be answered by referring to our Help Center and Videos.

The Support button in your database allows you to:

  • Email: Submit a ticket for us to research
  • Chat: Start a live Chat
  • Phone Call: Initiate a Phone Call


Client Support Testimonials

 American Twisters  American Twisters
“Jackrabbit is so easy to use that we rarely need help, but when we do, getting the information we need is quick and easy. Jackrabbit has support down to a science!!”
–—Randy Sikora | American Twisters


 Fit Gymnastics Centers  Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers
“Jackrabbit has renewed our confidence in our operations. We don’t worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit. We have support resources that we can depend on.”
–—Jeff Lulla | Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers


 Futures Gymnastics  Futures Gymnastics
“Jackrabbit saved us from potential disaster when our existing system crashed. Customer support jumped right in and rescued almost all of our data so that it could be migrated over to the new system.”  
––Lorraine Currie | Futures Gymnastics


 Camp Swamp  Camp Swamp
“Jackrabbit really listens. They care about my point of view and are very willing to explore what I see as a user instead of shutting me down until my problem is solved. That makes me want to provide input and help make a better product.”
––Jeff Rorabaugh | Camp Swamp