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Case Studies - Read how Cheer Gym based businesses have benefited from using Jackrabbit.

"Jackrabbit's automated payment and online registration features have probably been the biggest game changers for us. These features totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7. Now our business can even grow outside of typical office hours."

Kelley Zeringue - / ACE All Stars Gadsden - Gadsden, AL


"We are very excited about Jackrabbit's new Timeclock feature! It is user friendly, easy to access and very little time is required to get it set up and get your employees on board. The management features such as the ability to approve time, close pay periods, and quickly locate not approved time from prior pay periods help streamline our payroll process and reduce errors. The Timeclock module is very flexible and can be configured to fit many different payroll environments. Most importantly, as usual, the Jackrabbit staff has been extremely helpful, professional and responsive to our issues as we worked to implement this new feature."

Camille Goldberg - / Golden State Gymnastics - Burbank, CA


"Jackrabbit's Time Clock feature gives me the time reporting tool I've desperately been searching for the past few years. The best part is that it is a value add to an already essential business tool (Jackrabbit Class). I've compared time reporting software in which the cost is calculated per employee and cost hundreds per month for an organization my size. (Jackrabbit allows for unlimited employees, with no extra charges) This increases the value of my relationship with Jackrabbit software. "

Kyle Grussmeyer - / All Star Legacy - Dulles, VA


"The Jackrabbit program has enabled Cheer Tyme to be on top of our customer accounts with so many exciting features. Not only can our customers view their accounts and pay online, we can run payments and keep up with the accounts right from our cell phones!"

Kim Braasch - / Cheer Tyme - Mechanicsburg, PA


"Jackrabbit is great for small and large gyms alike! The account management aspect of this system has the tools needed to keep you on the floor with your athletes, not in the office managing individual accounts. It's also great for specific team postings and mass emails as well!"

Glenn Sutch - / East Coast Nitros - Middletown, DE


"Jackrabbit has made the complex issue of running multiple locations easier by allowing me the ability to simplify all orders and forms into one system."

Happy Hooper - ACE All Stars - Birmingham, AL


"Kids First runs over 3000 kids through summer camps. Well, it was one year ago that I became reacquainted with Mark Mahoney and his Jackrabbit biz software. At the time, I was mildly reticent about the fact it was web-based, yet in August, Kids First decided to make the 'big switch' due largely to Mark's integrity and my 'gut feel' that Jackrabbit was going to the 'program of the future.' During the data transfer, things went seamlessly despite our large enrollment."

"Three months ago, my concerns about being web-based COMPLETELY EVAPORATED when our in-house server went down and it took our IT guy two weeks to re-construct our server data. During it all, Jackrabbit never missed a beat; had we been on server-based software I cannot imagine the problems for our Company. Now, I am absolutely convinced it is better the have the professionals doing my backup (by the same company that handles and backs-up of the large global companies, using the same redundancies including backups in multiple cities in case of a regional disaster) ! "

"What about the day-to-day 'usability' of Jackrabbit? For 9 months the Jackrabbit Support Team has worked closely with the Kids First crew to make the enhancements necessary to handle a club of 5100 enrollment. Two weeks ago, at the May BOOT CAMP, when asked how she liked Jackrabbit, Mary, Kids First's Customer Service Department Leader responded by saying "I am ecstatic. It is fast and so easy to learn for my crew." Those were the words I was waiting to hear and the reason I am decided it was time to write this testimonial."

"Do you want a speedy, stable, safe, easy to learn and use, future-oriented program owned, written and supported by a team of people with impeccable integrity? Then may I strongly suggest Jackrabbit."

Jeff Metzger - / Small Business Boot Camp


"After reviewing many software products over the past 10 years, it is clear that Jackrabbit is the #1 choice. Its' easy-to-use features are perfect for the entire range of business, whether you are a start-up club or a large, full-service children's activity center. The incremental cost and ability of the software to grow with your business is without peer in the industry. The Wings Center runs over 2000 kids through summer camps."

Frank Sahlein - / 3rd Level Consulting


"It's very easy to use and adapt to. I love the "Executive Dashboard" initial page which displays the status of enrollment and account receivables. I sell just about everything I believe in, especially which has helped me to streamline my company or my life. Thanks for creating a fantastic solution."

Jason Williams


"After two weeks of using the Jackrabbit software our staff is loving it. It's easy to understand, not like the OTHER software that even after a year we still had trouble using it. We really look forward to using all the features that Jackrabbit has to offer us."

Kim England


"I have evaluated MV Soft and Get Physical. While the programs provided some useful features, they just didn't feel complete to me. In addition, I was not pleased with the user interface of the programs. I took a quick look at ProSchool, which at a glance seemed like a good program but was not affordable for someone like me with a very small center."

"I chose Jackrabbit because it is a complete system. All of the spreadsheets and queries I created using Excel to keep track of the business are already available in Jackrabbit in one place, even the Birthday List. I still have the option of exporting data to Excel if needed. I like the look and feel of the program. I especially enjoy the ability to be able to access my information online from anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, the monthly payment makes it affordable. Honestly, I was sold at the initial data conversion... even with the minor issues we had."

"Thanks a lot for making one of my tasks as a new owner easier."

Toni Ellis


"I am so glad that you created Jackrabbit. We have found that using your system is easy to understand and easy to use. Jackrabbit went above and beyond with all of the different elements that are offered. We look forward each day to being able to use Jackrabbit. My business information has never been this well organized. Thank you Jackrabbit!!!!!!!!"

Heather Young


"I love the Jackrabbit program because it is easy to use, its online, and you don't have to worry about software installation & updates or backing up your work its all done for you!"

Sarah Bowles


"We love the Jackrabbit program! I can't believe how easy it is to manage my kids and their accounts!"

Tarra Morris


"I want to let all the school/centers to know how pleased I am with the Jackrabbit program. I have found it easy to read, easy to work and above all, very user friendly. This has made MY job somewhat quicker and more efficient. I can highly recommend this program to anyone who chooses to have interest in this. Thanks once again for developing such a thorough program."

Beverly Schaeffer


"Until Jackrabbit we pretty much did everything manually. We used QuickBooks for tracking our customer's payments, tuition and purchases, but individual camp/class rosters were set-up in Microsoft Word and had to be manually updated each month before printing them. If we needed info on a student or their family, we had to search through our enrollment forms. We have 2 locations so we had to make a copy of the enrollment forms of the students attending at the 2nd location."

"Our managers and instructors had very little, if any, access to student and customer information before Jackrabbit. Checking to see if a student was making up too many camps/classes was a long and time consuming job, searching through every camp/class roster. Tracking the number of students in each camp/class involved reviewing each class roster daily and manually counting each student then forwarding that count to the lady that does our placements. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Jackrabbit has put everything about our camps/classes, students and their families at our staff's fingertips. It has freed up time to develop new programs and improve the ones we have. We shopped around, but found Jackrabbit to be the best and most affordable school and customer data management system available. "

Sandi Brunson


"The Jackrabbit system is a very powerful but intuitive system to use. The ability to log in from any computer anywhere without the need for installing additional software or buying additional licenses is one of its greatest advantages. I imported my data from another system via the Jackrabbit spreadsheet import feature and was up and running in a matter of minutes. The software is simple to use and provides us with powerful management reports. This system will revolutionize the way we manage our customers!"

Scott Davis


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